Here at River Stone Kennels we have one main goal: to provide you and your dog the best experience and results possible. We take pride in running a clean and organized business, ensuring your dog gets the most out of his or her time here with us. We are located in New Richmond, Wisconsin, and the property that we train on offers a variety of environments so that your dog is prepared for any situation they could encounter while in the field.

Our owner and lead trainer, Josh Miller, developed his training styles and techniques by learning from some of the best trainers in the country, including Tom Dokken (Minnesota), Rick Smith (Virginia), Ronnie Smith (Oklahoma) and Rick Grant (Wisconsin). Having learned techniques from each of these trainers, we can pull from multiple strategies within any given training scenario. This gives us a tremendous advantage in the training process because, as dog owners know, each dog is different and rarely will two dogs respond the same way in a given situation.

Our training programs also include detailed one-on-one training to ensure that you understand the training your dog has received. This is extremely important because you, as the owner, need to have a solid understanding of what your dog is capable of, and how to get the most out of him or her.